Advertising messages that are aligned to newsbrands are over a third (36%) more likely to deliver a “very large” profit for advertisers and 85% more likely to acquire new customers, according to consultant Peter Field and Newsworks.

Field, who analysed the last three years’ worth of winning entries to the IPA Effectiveness as part of Newsworks’ study into marketing efficacy in today’s fragmented media landscape, found that newsbrands were a boon to advertisers’ long-term effectiveness, profit and penetration.

Campaigns that use newsbrands are 43% more likely to generate “very large” market share growth, and twice as likely to deliver a reduction in price sensitivity and an increase in customer loyalty.

Field found that print effectiveness is flourishing against a narrative backdrop that tends to talk of its demise. His analysis showed that, contrary to the presumption that digital channels are better for acquiring new customers, print is increasingly effective at attracting them.

In the six years ending 2004, campaigns that included print were 39% more effective at bringing in new customers than campaigns without, while during the six years to 2016, this figure rose to 67%.

“The danger is that the rush to digital means that print is used less and less by advertisers, and they will reap lower profits as a result,” the report said.

Field added: “We know that brands want to be associated with relevant and appropriate content — recent revelations about digital ad placements have underlined how important this is.

“Being in the right context, with the right content not only drives positivity towards brands, but also delivers quantifiable business effects for advertisers such as boosting profit and delivering new customers.”

Phil Smith, director general of ISBA underlined the importance of “context” at the moment”, noting that “in the current climate this research serves as a timely reminder that proven media has an important role to play in brand safety, as well as delivering long-term business benefits for brands”.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Clifford, Newsworks’ chief executive, added: “This study is a continuation of the body of work we started last year. In order to fully understand and utilise newsbrands’ effectiveness potential we will be continuing to explore, update and inform on what unique benefits newsbrands have for advertisers.”

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