Frequently Asked Questions

What is PressAuthority?

PressAuthority is an international collective of independent professionals: writers, reporters, journalists and editors. We specialize in helping businesses get more clients from media attention.

What do I get out of this?

You establish authority in your field. Authority is crucial to any business because people buy from what they trust as the best.

The best and most effective way to gain authority and trust is by being featured in famous, world renown authority news outlets that people trust because people believe what they read from these authority news outlets.

Which industries do PressAuthority work with?

We craft and secure compelling features for your business regardless of industry or geographic location.

What are the fees?

Fees are based upon the profile of the outlets we can feature you in. You pay only for the results we deliver. No ongoing retainers.

How do I pay?

PressAuthority accept major credit and debits cards, bank transfers and payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Which media outlets do you work with?

PressAuthority collaborate with editors at some of the world’s best known news outlets and specialty websites.

How do I get my business featured?

You need to submit an application. If we feel you’re a good match for us, we’ll ask you to complete our discovery form. From there, we identify suitable outlets, write the story and get you featured.

What do I need to do?

Simply supply information about your business in our discovery form. That’s it. We handle everything from there.

Can I supply the content for distribution?

You may supply content for our reference but PressAuthority will always write the final article that goes to publish.

How long does it take to get featured?

PressAuthority guarantee features to go live within 10 days.

Can we approve the story before it gets published?

If you would like to review the story before it goes live, you will need to request this option in advance.

How long will features remain online?

The features we publish will remain online forever.