PR is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your new business, and can be incredibly valuable when you have a limited budget to publicize and advertize your products or services. Less expensive than traditional advertising, PR marketing has numerous benefits for new businesses.

The Walker Sands PR team has seen firsthand how simple PR tactics can make a huge contribution to the success of a new business. Here, we tell you some reasons why PR can help spread the word about your company, aiding its growth.

4 Ways that PR Helps in Marketing Your New Business

When you’re marketing your new business, it’s important to include public relations in your company’s growth strategy. Implementing a PR plan enables you to establish your brand identity in a practical, cost-efficient manner, and helps you market your business in several important ways:

  1. Raises awareness. PR marketing makes people aware that you exist. When marketing your new business, a consistent public relations program helps build general awareness of your product, service or brand. A PR strategy also supplements any direct marketing and advertising efforts, and helps increase your website’s rank in Google so people can more readily find your business.
  2. Draws in new customers. Another way that PR helps in marketing your new business is to attract new customers. When your products or services receive press coverage, your brand gains credibility among customers. A positive news story about your business will influence customers to choose your brand’s product or service over competitors that get no media exposure.
  3. Entices investors. In marketing your new business, utilizing PR can attract investors to your brand, which is especially beneficial when you’re just starting out. A carefully planned PR strategy can generate positive media coverage, giving you a better negotiating position with potential investors. Additionally, well-executed PR makes your business appear larger and more established, which can help you secure partnerships and funding.
  4. Attracts employees.In addition to new customers and investors, PR can help attract prospective employees. By marketing your new business as an industry leader, you appeal to qualified individuals who wish to be employed by a successful business. PR marketing helps your business grow internally as well as externally.

From raising brand awareness to attracting new staff members, PR can help in marketing your new business. Clearly, PR is highly beneficial to business growth and should be a cornerstone of your company’s marketing strategy.

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